New Organs

The sound of an organ is produced by hundreds or thousands of pipes, ranging in size from more than 30 feet to the size of a pencil. Each must be carefully voiced and regulated to produce the proper sound and to blend with its neighbors.

We Custom Craft Complete Instruments of All Sizes:

  • We build new instruments for a wide range of church clients including many small churches for whom a pipe organ might have been considered “impossible”.
  • We build electric action as well as mechanical instruments of modest size
  • We have always had a special regard for smaller instruments. These instruments have the same rich, balanced ensembles of our larger organs and serve their owners' musical needs with excellence in all aspects.
  • Proud to carry on the tradition of pipe organ building in the state of Michigan which includes Grandville Wood and Farrand & Votey in Detroit and Casavant in South Haven.

We custom craft our instruments for beauty and sound quality:

  • We prize the ensemble as an essential aspect of any good tonal design.
  • Each individual stop is chosen and voiced for its own unique beauty as well as its rightful place within the whole of the ensemble.
  • Our crew of talented craftsmen build all of our components:
    • Windchests
    • Internal Components
    • Beautiful Casework
    • Custom Crafted Consoles: from a simple low profile two manual to traditional stop knob or tablet style to the magnificent French Terrace we built for the Cathedral of St. Mary.

Quality Used Organs

A rebuilt used organ from Fowler – Hebert Organ Co is as good as new, and a lot cheaper! All used organs are custom installed and include our distinguished tonal finishing and we go the extra mile to make sure a used organ is a good organ, not just a cheap one!

  • Conservation and Re-Building of Vintage Instruments:
    • Typically, an organ needs to be refurbished after 50-60 years of service
    • Thorough renovations ensuring that the instrument will be “good as new
    • Our re-build will give the organ owner at least another 50 plus years of fine service.
  • Restoration of Historic Instruments including the 1838 Henry Erben Organ located in Grace Episcopal Church, Galena, IL. This is reputed to be the oldest church organ in the state still serving its original owner.
  • Farrand & Votey Restoration: In 1992 we restored one of the two surviving major instruments by Farrand & Votey. Built in 1897, we restored this century old organ in its original installation at St. Luke United Methodist Church, Dubuque, Iowa.
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